Monday, March 29, 2010

Great Presentation!

I attended a presentation from which I walked away very impressed. I witnessed a stellar presentation.

What the presenter did to be successful:

  • well-versed presenter - their presentation style was calm and collected. Delivered information in a non-threatening way which quickly put the audience at ease. Added humor which also helped
  • knowledgeable and prepared - presenter knew their stuff and their extensive experience on the subject matter became clear early on. This earned them trust and made the audience listen
  • Tools - the presenter had brought some very simple yet very effective software to illustrate the points being made. The software was rudimentary but yet it served the purpose by quickly calculating results which helped put things in perspective. The simplicity of the tool helped everyone understand by focusing on the things that mattered without being distracted with the bells and whistles that sometimes come along with more advanced technology
  • Flexibility - the presenter let the audience set the pace of the presentation and control the agenda. Needless to say this can be risky as the audience can go off on a tangent. However, as the presenter acted as a host/subject matter expert during certain parts of the presentation, much valuable discussion (and learning) took place

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