Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nano-MBA date change

I can't believe that Seth Godin has changed the interview date to better accommodate the common-folk like myself (that is if I am fortunate enough to get selected for an interview). Instead of conducting interviews on April 17th, he has decided to re-schedule them on May 14th. This change will allow potential candidates to only take one trip to NYC vs. two trips. Mr. Godin also added that for those people that who get selected for interviews but have"their heart set" on the original date he would accommodate that too.

How incredible would it be if all organizations/corporations/entrepreneurs/not-for-profit thought like that: What can I do to make things better for my customer even if it costs me time, money, extra effort?

I am still in awe because things like this rarely happen. Disagree? Think about the last time something was offered to enrich you as a person, for FREE, and on top of that you are notified that to make things easier/better/more convenient for you an adjustment has been made? In addition if you prefer the previous conditions that can be accommodated too!

That's what i thought.

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