Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seth Godin

Seth Godin's blog in one that I follow on a regular basis. I got to see him in Waterloo last year at a Communitech event and I fell in love with everything he said. There is no doubt that Seth Godin is an incredible speaker but what he has to say is so simple yet so profound. And he delivers it in such a modest, yet confident way that you have no choice but to believe every word he says. I was mesmerized.

We have a online discussion board at my work where we share ideas, stories and info about the work we do. To provide some inspiration i often share seth's views on various matters from his blog. You cannot imagine my excitement when I went to visit his blog for my daily mind therapy and noticed that no other but Seth Godin himself was offering a 5-day nano-MBA seminar in May. I had tears in my eyes. An opportunity to spend 5 days with my guru, daily muse and most amazing man alive. The opportunity of a lifetime.
So, just so you all know I have to do everything I can to get this opportunity. Application is due March 31 so the next 6 days will be dedicated to ensuring I have done everything possible to present why i am a worthy candidate.

Hence the blog.

I am not going to lie. I have wanted a blog forever now but something about putting my life, my thoughts, my opinions out there for the world to see and judge was preventing me from actually doing it. I am not afraid of difference of opinions nor do i shy away from a good conflict. There are very few things I like more than a good, heart wrenching turn-your-world-upside-down debate. Where would we be without discussion and exchange of ideas?? But yet I was still afraid. It's one thing to have a debate and share ideas with people you know but online for the ENTIRE WOLD WIDE TO SEE? I needed a push and a reason.

So thank you Seth. Thank you for once again, through your written word, giving me the courage, the inspiration and the wisdom to do the right thing. Thank you for a new beginning.

p.s. for those who live under a rock please check out:

p.p.s. I already have a MBA. But this is more of a reason to do the nano-MBA. The intention of any quality MBA program is to expand your thinking and help you think outside the box. See problems in new ways. Understand other people so you can work with them more effectively. Who can't use more of that?

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