Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Facebook Creeping is not as much fun as it used to be

So a couple of days ago Seth Godin wrote about how surfing the web is a good thing unless you are aimlessly wasting time [which is terrible]! So that got me thinking about facebook and how it is solely responsible for wasting so much time and effort and energy. Think about all the time you have spent creeping people you know or you wish you knew. As mind numbing as this activity is you loved the thrill of what you may find next. What about the friend you had not seen since grade 8? Often though you were left to feel disappointed in how boring ppls lives are and even mad as to how bad they are at hiding it but you just could not stop yourself from wanting more of it.

Well I am happy to report that this activity is diminishing. Just like the popularity of the old talk shows such as sally jesse or springer that you used to watch for the pure shock value so has facebook creeping decreased in shock value. You pretty much know the friend who can't stop posting stupid drunk pictures, the stranger who travels for exotic places every week and you have already deleted the person who thinks everything their kid does deserves posting on facebook.

I think facebook is in its decline and I am happy about it. Facebook: you had it coming!!

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